10 January 2011


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Feedback on MUA sweets4
226 brush used 3x $27 SOLD
Pink Fish TLC (Hello Kitty) BNIB $17 x2
Studio Fix Fluid- NC20 BNIB $26+$1.50 extra for shipping
Soft Ochre paint pot used 2x $17
Greenstroke paint pot BNIB $19

NW43 select beauty sheer/pressed used 2x $18
Summer Rose (Rose Romance) beauty powder used 2x $20
Solar Riche (Style Warrors) brozing powder used 10x $18
Sassed-Up (FAFI) iridescent pressed powder used 4x $18

Feeling beauty powder blush used 5x $17
Eversun beauty powder blush used 5x $17
Mellow Mood used 10x $15
Spaced Out (Neo Sci-Fi) blush used 3x $20 SOLD

Beautiful Iris depot $6
Brule pro pan $9
Dreammaker (Starflash) depot $7
Creme de Violet depot $8
Rule depot $7
Nanogold (Cult of Cherry) depot*no label $8
One Off (Starflash) depot $9
Humid depot $7.50
Frill depot $3
Meet the Fleet depot $8
Seeds (Rose Romance) depot*no label $6.50
Petals (Rose Romance) depot*no label $6.50

Bough Grey pot $14
Birds & Berries pot $15

Navy Satin powerpoint eye pencil $7
Violet Underground eye kohl $7
**Urban Decay ZERO 24/7 glide-on eye pencil $7
**The Body Shop Virbant Emerald eye definer $3.50

Empty Eyeshadow Pots *make an offer
1 from the Lure Collection
1 from the Neo Sci-Fi
1 from Style Warriors
10 regular b2m items

19 April 2009

MAC 10 Favourite EyeShadows

Hey Ya'll,
Right, well this is a response to Michele1218's open TAG.
I'm sure this will change as I get more, like Sketch will be on there once I get it and Humid, but for now here are my picks at the moment.
1. Woodwinked
2. Bronze/Mulch
3. Swish!
4. Satin Taupe
5. Creme De Violet
6. Kid
7. Corduroy

8. Sweet Lust
9. Honesty

My Fav LEs (As I have almost equal amounts in my collection..)
1. Femmi-Fi (neo sci-fi/bbr)
2. Grand Entrance (starflash)
3. Mink&Sable (starflash)
4. Sweet Chestnut (spiced choc-cult of cherry)
5. Top Hat (starflash)
6. Mancatcher (lure)
7. Flashtrack (???its slipped my mind...)

*I didn't include carbon, because I really think that one EVERYONE should have, no matter what colour skin you are or colour eyes or colour of your hair! :P


*Kisses from LNDN


Hey Ya'll,
So I do not want to be the barer of bad news, but here in the UK I have now heard on two different occasions that they might stop the B2M (mac recylcing programme). At first they were thinking of let us UKers B2M for an e/s or l/g in addition to l/s like in the states, then some idiot suggested just to stop it all together :(
In the states there is talk about not letting them B2M e/s pots.
Really MAC is being silly especially as most MAC addicts prefer palettes and counters do not sell pro pan refills :(


*Kisses from LNDN

4 April 2009

March HAULage

Hey Ya'll,

So this is stuff that I got from a MAC counter, a Mac PRO store, and online. Let me just say this is not a normal month, nor will a month of hauling every be repeated to this leave, I went over board!!

EYE SHADOWS: Amber Lights - Aquavert(lure) - Brule - Carbon - Cork - Cranberry - Cosmic(moonbathe) - Expensive Pink(neo sci-fi) - Flashtrack(idol eyes) - Femme-Fi(neo sci-fi) - Flip(bbr) - Grand Entrance(starflash) - Go(starflash) - Henna(bbr) - Illegal Cargo(naughty nauticals) - Kid - Magnetic Fields(neo sci-fi) - Mancatcher(lure) - Mink&Sable(starflash) - Moon's Reflection - Satin Taupe - Smoke&Diamonds(starflash)- Vellum
and I got my first QUAD - Spiced Chocolate(cult of cherry) which has:
Nanogold - Brash - Sweet Chestnut - Spiced Chocolate
PIGMENTS sample: Deep Blue Green - Sweet Sienna - Chocolate Brown
BRUSHES: 226(bbr crease/blender) - 227(large fluff brush) - 266(small angle brush) Brush Cleaner
LIPSTICKS: All's Fair(bbr) - B-Babe(bbr) - Pink Fish TLC(hk)- Sci Fi Delity(neo sci-fi)
CONCEALER: NW20(select moisturecover)
EYELINER: Phone Number(kohl) -Blacktrack(fluidline)
BLUSHES: Eversun(le) - Fashion Frenzy(fafi) - Feeling(le) - Tippy(hk)
EYE PRIMERS: Soft Ochre p/p - Cash Flow p/p - Layin' Low p/p - Rubenesque p/p

I think I may have a bit of a problem! But I did buy extra of a few items from the CCO to put up on E-Bay, check me out liz4uk!!


*Kisses from LNDN*

28 March 2009

BRUSHES: My Anniversary Present! (April 26th)

Hey Ya'll,
Decisions, Decisions. So my first year wedding anniversary is coming soon, and I was trying to think what to do for presents. I already know what I am going to get my husband, but we havent really talked about what he is going to get me, but surprise surprise, I have an IDEA! , DUH- can we say M-to the A-to the C!! hehe But as I can buy e/s and other stuff anytime really...I figured this would be the perfect time to invest in brushes. Yes I could ask for jewlery, but I dont wear alot, or some other things, but at the moment MAC is my passion and I want something that will last at least for a few years. I was thinking of getting 5 brushes, as my husband and I will be going into our 5th year together. (thats my sentimental justification), its more like I'm after a few brushes and I had to round the number down!

So I am thinking the:
109-Small Contour (I'd use it for contouring and liquid foundation)
116-Blush Brush (my MA told me since I have a long face and that my 'cheekbones' are higher this one would be better)
-Powder/Blush Brush (
I'd use it for Blush)
134-Large Powder Brush (I'd use it for my Clinique Powder that I use as a bronzer, and a MSF Natural for setting my makeup)
138-Powder Brush (the softest thing, but only at Stores)
-Buffer Brush (I'd use this to blend out/buff my powders)
187-Powder/Blush Brush (
I'd use it for Blush, Liquid foundation, really I dont know if I NEED this one as this brush would do the same function as the previous 3, but I figure its something I just have to have-so if I skip this one then I would get either the 219 or the 224 which are on my list)
Please share your thoughts as I am having a hard time with deciding the last brush to get, the first 4, IMO are must haves for me at the moment!


*Kisses from LNDN

25 March 2009

SugarSweet (March/April 2009)

**Comes out Thursday 9th of APRIL!!

Hey Ya'll,

So Its Collection time again, MAC is brilliant for bringing out some more LE stuff when your wallet/purse is just getting over the last hitnrun! So its SugarSweet this time...Overall, I like the idea of this collection. Super girlie and Spring-y and its got a sweet theme, and Im known for my sweet-tooth!! But with that said, not alot is screaming my name. The BBR collection was so far this years winner for me.
The eyeshadows are a good and supposedly have good textures and colour payoffs, but two are permanents (Club and StarsnRockest) and Sugarshot is like Phloof or other light hi-lighters...and Dear Cupcake might be dupeable (ie Sushi Flower which the sweet Vix aka Inconspicuous told me) and then there is Aquavert which is a repromote, and Im getting that in a swap...but if I really like it I may buy a backup..
The lipglasses do not have great payoff and I am gonna stay away from glosses in general as they just cause me to lick my lips even more, like my Pink Fish TLC..anyways.
The MSFs look ok, but not what I want my first MSF to be, as you always remember your first! ;)
The Lipsticks and the Shadesticks look like the stars of this collection. Bubbles and St Germain are very popular, but I do not know how much use I would get out of them, I am looking at Lollipop Lovin and Sweet Thing (even if i didnt like that one I would probably get it cuz of the name :P).
all look great but Im for sure getting Cakeshop (colour and name) and Im being convinced into needing Lemon Ciffon and maybe Butternutty.

Tell me your thoughts and what ya'll are getting!
So I went the Friday after the stuff came out, and how were two of the lippies already sold out St Germain (not on my list as its permanent over here) and Bubbles cuz everyone was saying how its great to tone-down colours. I passed on Sweet Thing, cuz when I swatched it on my hand it looked like All's Fair(bbr). But supposedly thats the only LE lippie of the collection, so when I go for the Rose Romance stuff I might see if they have gotten more Bubbles in, which correct me if I am wrong is perm, but my counter (HoF) GUILDFORD only got 3 in, how silly.
So anyways I got Lollipop Lovin, really pretty colour, and I was told previously I should try glazes as I have dry lips, but Im not sure about this one, it left a weird 'film/residue' on my lips...I also got my pre-decided Cakeshop and Lemon Chiffon, I love both. And another Smolder cuz that is still my HG e/l!!
Oh and I got my make-up done, I knew what I wanted, and I stupidly shoulda taken pics, next time I will bring my camera cuz my Bberry just wont do the job. I had my MA use cakeshop, (inner--outwards) aquavert, StarsNRockets, Club, and Deep Blue Green piggie. And I requested her to use the 109 and Studio Sculpt and I got samples to try at home, to make sure I wouldnt breakout. So far I really like both the concealer on foundation.
I have to say I love the Girls at my counter in the HoF Guildford, they are all so friendly and helpful.


*Kisses from LNDN

No7 Illuminated Make-up Mirror

No7 Mirror

Hey Ya'll,

So I have been kinda looking for a Makeup Mirror for multiple reasons. 1-To get me out of the bathroom that I share in the morning. 2-To aid me when applying my make-up (LINERS!!). 3-Because, IMO, it is a must have when doing your make-up-duh! :) So I was getting super jealous of all these people having cheap ones in the States and I couldn't find one. BUT!! Boots is having a sale on the above mentioned lighted mirror. its normally £40 but now it is only £20! Plus you get your advantage points. Also if you already have a boots card you should be getting some point vouchers through the post where if you spend over £40 you get 350points (which means £3.5),but of course mine arrived in the post today, while I was at work and I bought the mirror during my lunch break, ughs...anyways if you girls do not have a boots card, get one! So I will let you know how my first morning of make-up goes with using my new mirror. Im super excited! :)


*Kisses from LNDN